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Financial Reporting

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Key Financial Data

2017 Gross Sales 7,367 Billion KRW(from 2016:5,837Billion KRW to 2017:7,367Billion KRW)

  • Sales

    from 2016:2,948Billion KRW to 2017:3,817Billion KRW

  • Operating Profit

    from 2016:251Billion KRW to 2017:1,966Billion KRW

  • Net Income

    from 2016:323Billion KRW to 2017:214Billion KRW

  • Total Assets

    from 2016:9,955Billion KRW to 2017:10,152Billion KRW

  • Total Liabillties

    from 2016:5,262Billion KRW to 2017:5,232Billion KRW

  • Total Shareholders Equity

    from 2016:4,693Billion KRW to 2017:4,920Billion KRW

*Above data are under non-consolidated K-IFRS standards as of Dec 31st, 2017